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„For humanity” Foundation

We support conscious personal development. We believe that everyone can realize their unique potential and live their lives in full harmony with each other and thus with the rest of the world. It is enough to remove obstacles that prevent personal fulfillment. We can help in this. We promote therapeutic methods of Maciej Żbik, who based on his experience combines the penetration of eastern meditation techniques and pragmatism of Western methods of solving psychological problems in his work as a therapist. For humanity is based in Poland.

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Maciej Żbik

Founder of For humanity Foundation.

Therapist and meditation teacher. His hallmark is a deep understanding of unconscious processes resulting from many years of researching his own unconscious. Maciej sees mechanisms that his client does not want to see in themselves, and which sabotage his life goals. The client’s narratives are not mislead and he reaches under them to unconscious, primary sources of life problems. He reveals them gradually, analyzing dreams and visions, using drama, looking at his life patterns with the client. It conducts through psychological and spiritual insights and helps release psychological energy blocked in anxiety and trauma. In this way he accompanies his clients in the development of full humanity.


For humanity Foundations identity

The image of a snake gnawing its own tail, symbolizing wholeness – a condition also appearing in the form of a symbol of united grand-parents, from whom the figures of the „Great Father” and „Great Mother” emerge – is therefore the most perfect example of the still undifferentiated „primary archetype”.


Our response to COVID19

Maciej Żbik’s method

Our technology

You can engage your own mental process to defend from COVID19. Did you know?

Read the information below to know how to boost your immune response to external threat such as virus and increase your mental health during lockdown.

The Main Goal

Decrease of the impact of COVID19

Our technology changes unconscious habitual activities of all citizens, especially those helping, state services and frontline workers.  

COVID19-like events will reoccur and we need to be prepared for them. European Union ought to be united to march on to victory against such threats. Large scale impact can be achieved by establishing vast group of experts that provide training of our procedures. 

The indirect effect


The mere fact of ceasing to be an vulnerable victim and taking over the initiative in relation to the disease, impacts wellbeing and mental health of people undergoing training with Maciej Żbik’s method.

Additionally, our technology is useful in solving problems such as psychoses, neuroses and depression.

“Known devil is better than unknown angel”


How it works

The technology is based on over 20 years of Maciej Żbik’s experience in therapeutic work with the victim syndrome. His expertise created the perfect solution in times of pandemic.

The emotional connection with COVID19 is treated as a driver allowing the identification, diagnosis and integration of intrapsychic mechanisms that contribute to victim behavior.

Our thechnology allows to stop hiding from the threat and use the procedures enabling  recognition and activation mechanisms entangled in diagnosing COVID19 as an outer threat that it is and simultaneously not give in to it. These mechanisms (mental attitudes) both positive and negative connecting us to the epidemic are dictated by unconsciousness*.

*unconsciousness influences over 80% of decision making, and when combined with stress can lower the immunity even more

Our technology influences the inrapsychic that manifest our individual selfs in position of victim (the rest of psychic sets itself in position of a offender). In effect the disease/pandemic is being recognized as realistic outer threat, that might be interacted with or avoided.

Maciej Żbik’s COVID19 method of therapy consist of several procedures, that are provided to the client by certified experts.

While working in a group we purposefully use the opportunity for each participant to step into the role of the offender, victim and the observer of those type of relations. Procedures can be used for integration of effects of psychosis, neurosis and even depression. In our process we focus only on inner objects that are able to project on pandemic. As an effect, the most powerful decision-making set in human psychic starts to support conscious decisions, eg. staying healthy.

The program is based on procedures known and used in various therapy approaches. We believe that it can be used in most therapeutic facilities. The methods can be obtained also by people without a therapeutic background or can be complementary to the toolkit of therapist with may years of experience.

Our work has a potential to be a gamechanger during COVID19 pandemic. Despite lockdown, we decided to test the technology on several volunteers and results are very convincing.

Methodology, set of procedures for expert-client gave positive results on a small scale. We established plan for international franchise based on existing manpower and training infrastructure to allow scalability.

We can provide the solution, that helps european community defend from COVID19 now and external threats in the future.

Join our effort to create a network that establishes large community of instructors that support mental health and wellbeing of citizens of the EU!


Join our network & spread mental health

Methodology and Knowledge

training material

The Expert-client Excercises

4 days onsite training


Franchise Network

Research and Collaboration


Victim-offender procedures


PHASE 1 - The Analyzis

Identification of on outer-sphere reactions – in this case COVID-19.


PHASE 2 - The Beginning

Recognizing the epidemic as an interpsychic reaction.


PHASE 3 - The Compensation Mechanisms

Identification of inner mechanisms in terms of primary reaction.


PHASE 4 - The Recognition of Reaction

Identification of the interactions between objects reveald. 


PHASE 5 - The Integration

Integration of objects grouped into pairs of opposites.


PHASE 6 - The New Attitude Stabilization

Stabilization of a new attitude.

“Only the internal mental process manifests itself in reality.”

Carl Gustav Jung

For humanity Foundation presented the technology against COVID19 to international audience by taking part in #EUvsVirus in April 2020.

EUvsVirus is a pan-European Hackathon organized by the European Commission under the patronage of Mariya Gabriel – Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth .


Frequently Asked Questions

How can European society benefit from applying your technology?

Our technology can firmly impact the percentage of EU’s citizens infected and seriously passing COVID19.

We improved proven therapeutic methods of working with „victim-and-offender” relationship and adapted them to adress pandemic challenges of the EU.

Our technology allow to engage mental processes to defend against external threat by changing unconscious habitual activities.

When will your technology support COVID19 pandemic efforts?

Our work has a potential to be a gamechanger during COVID19 pandemic. Despite lockdown, we decided to test the technology on several volunteers and results are very convincing.

Methodology, set of procedures for expert-client are tested positive on a small scale. We established plan for international franchise based on existing manpower and training infrastructure to allow scalability.

Do you have action plan?

Yes, we are ready to scale usgae of our technology as a franchise. We are organising first workshop for experts and instructors.

Call for partners

For humans foundation is open to cooperation. We are willing to spread our technology as a form of taking the necessary measure in the time of COVID19 pandemic. We are sourcing the list of infrastructure owners and operators (facilities and support group coordinators) and institutional partners interested in funding, R&D and joint venture mechanisms that can support efforts to stop the influence of pandemic on the European Union society.

I own therapy facilityI am institutional partner

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